The strategy consultants of choice for Sydney’s top CEOs.

Why we’re the design thinking consultants that CEOs, executive teams, boards, and other business leaders choose for strategy and development.

Fehon Strategy & Design is led by Bernie Fehon OAM, a design, business and financial professional who’s inspired significant change on a global scale.

His antidote to organisational inertia? Client-centric design thinking


For over 20 years he’s mentored business leaders to innovate, implement and integrate sustainable change across both commercial and community organisations.


Founder of the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Bernie took a design thinking approach to solving challenges even before the term was fashionable.


Bernie’s work is award-winning, including the: •Prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia •NSW Premier Community Service Award, and •Western Sydney University Community Fellow.

Whether you need a new business strategy or to integrate corporate social responsibility and
sustainable practices in an existing strategy,
Fehon Strategy & Design will support your
leadership team to;

  • Escape the constraint of existing organisational behaviour and frameworks
  • Identify organisational-wide, innovative strategies for positive, sustainable growth.

A different approach to business consulting:

As operational experts, we don’t just identify and develop solutions – we also guide you through implementing them.

Being industry agnostic enables us to focus on the big picture, while our extensive resource base of skilled industry professionals delivers the finer detail. And it’s by drawing from varied areas of expertise that we’re able to integrate the very best into your business.

Fehon Strategy & Design goes beyond thinking to also doing. And this truly differentiates us.

About Bernie Fehon OAM.

A highly regarded CEO, Director and Board Advisor, Bernie has built a career developing bespoke solutions to organisational and community challenges. Whether it’s delivering financial advice or executive coaching, his strategic planning uniquely recognises the human challenges his clients face.

It’s this focus on people that sees him consistently deliver sustainable, positive impact at both a business and community level.


Building on more than 30 years of experience as a designer and executive, Bernie is known for consulting with CEOs and leaders to successfully navigate change, lead diverse teams, and build healthy, resilient organisations.


With an extensive professional network enabling him to assemble the right specialists for specific client needs, Bernie is most sought-after for helping:


  • CEOs, Boards and senior management teams to develop client-led solutions and strategies for long-term business success
  • Leaders to thrive with executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development, and
  • People to flourish with an organisational culture that supports the ongoing innovation, growth and change required to truly differentiate them.

What to expect.

Sustainable change doesn’t come naturally; we’re creatures of habit, hard-wired to respond in repeated ways. Bernie will guide you to not only fresh ways of thinking, but also equip you with the framework to achieve real transformation today and tomorrow.

Clear communication

Genuinely creative thinking

Flexible approaches

Strong professional network

Extensive operational experience

Inspiring leadership

Awards and recognition.

Bernie’s insight and vision have been highly awarded; he was the 2012 recipient of the NSW Premier Community Service Award for his design and implementation of future-focused strategies. He was also awarded the title of Western Sydney University Community Fellow for his outstanding contribution to the Western Sydney region. 

In 2018, Bernie was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the community through social welfare programs. One of the most significant of these was the founding of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout; since inception in 2006, more than $80 million has been raised to assist Vinnie’s homeless services across Australia.

If you’re looking to achieve success while truly valuing people, Bernie is the business consultant for you. 


Book your free initial consultation or call 0417 686 404 to see how you can help your  business leaders deliver sustainable, positive impact today. 

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