Strategic management consulting for positive, sustainable business transformation.

Business has evolved – has your approach to strategic planning evolved with it?.

You know that the right strategy development and execution is critical to keep your business ahead of the competition. Yet with evolving consumer demands, just what is the right strategy? And will it be as relevant tomorrow as it is today?

Specialising in business management strategies that are driven by wholistic thinking, Fehon Strategy & Design  will:

  • Help your leadership team optimise the sum of the business, not just the parts
  • Refocus your strategic planning approach and challenge the organisational assumptions stifling your innovation and growth
  • Develop and execute effective strategies for sustainable business transformation, and
  • Instil the ability to continuously innovate and lead, removing organisational immobility to future-proof your organisation.

Help for executive leaders accountable for
economic, social and/or
environmental sustainability

The pressure on Australian businesses is ever-increasing; consumers and regulatory bodies are demanding social and environmental action, while investors, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders are demanding economic sustainability.

It’s a difficult balance, re quiring CEOs and executive leaders to not only set firm strategic goals and targets but also employ technology in new ways. However, empowering change is one thing – innovating solutions that deliver social or environmental sustainability while also ensuring economic longevity are another.

It takes a different approach, and that’s where our strategic management consulting can help. 


the sum of the business, not just the parts, with a shared understanding of sustainability .


your organisation’s approach to strategy planning


the desired experience of your target users


the vision against the desired experience

Challenges facing the Australian business sector – and how we help solve them

With sustainability a changing term, do your executive teams have a shared understanding of its scope in your business?

Fehon Strategy & Design works with CEOs, Boards, executive teams, and other key stakeholders to:

    • Develop a shared understanding of what sustainability means for your organisation
    • Integrate corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices across everything from the strategy and business model through to the design, development and delivery of products and services, operations, supply chain, and disposal
    • Implement concentrated change management, and
    • Support leaders to apply the overarching strategy to each business domain.

Management consulting to develop the right strategies for your business

Irrespective of industry, every organisation faces similar challenges. Fehon Strategy & Design provides management consulting to CEOs, Boards, Executive Teams, and other key stakeholders to achieve extraordinary performance by changing their thinking.

Developing sustainable growth strategies

Uncovering opportunities for innovation

Change management

Transitional/interim management

Leadership development

Business transformation

It all starts with a conversation to identify your specific organisational challenges. Where it goes from there is entirely up to you


If you need help to identify and overcome the obstacles facing your organisation, book an initial consultation with Australia’s most highly-regarded strategic management consultant or call 0417 686 404 to see how we can help.

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