Future-proof your business for sustainable growth .

Adapt, optimise, plan and innovate for today and tomorrow

Is your business prepared for tomorrow’s changes? Future-proofing isn’t about predicting the future – it’s knowing how to adapt to it.

Fehon Strategy & Design works closely with you to develop and implement strategies that build your organisation’s ability to respond to the needs of a changing external environment.

The influence of social, environmental, and economic demands presents a significant risk to your ability to deliver real value. If you’re questioning your organisational ability to reinvent and remain relevant, we can help

We can also deliver an ongoing board of advice service to ensure that you have the right strategic help as factors change over time.


Uncover and understand your obstacles and user needs


Design and develop client-centric solutions that are truly original


Build and execute business-wide engagement and belief


Enable ongoing adaptation, optimisation, planning and innovation to ensure relevancy

Why future proof your business?

Rapid technology development. Fast-moving consumer expectations. Generational change. Future proofing your business is essential to:

  • Meeting the evolving needs of your customers
  • Taking up new opportunities
  • Addressing the challenges of climate change and inequality, and
  • Delivering true value socially, economically, and environmentally.

As business sustainability specialists, Fehon Strategy & Design helps you establish the frameworks required to future-proof the core elements of your organisation. Because while evolution and reinvention may have been a choice yesterday, today they’re a necessity.

Consulting and coaching for leaders looking to develop a truly sustainable business

Fehon Strategy & Design works collaboratively with CEOs, executive teams, and key stakeholders to develop a framework that supports sustainable change.

You’ve defined the path forward with strategic planning.

You’ve applied design thinking to deliver new systems, routines, products, or services.

And your change management has equipped your team to take accountability for their role in driving change.

Despite this, nothing is static.

The newfound collaboration developed in those early phases? Your organisational capability? For your business to successfully revise and implement a changing strategy in response to changing environmental factors, it all needs to be maintained.

Fehon Strategy & Design helps you develop and implement the framework to do just that. Led by Bernie Fehon OAM, we’re highly collaborative and work with clients in a variety of capacities to ensure genuine value. 







Our design thinking expertise is your advantage

As design thinking specialists, we’re different.

While we recognise the critical role of technology in future proofing, we take a different perspective. Because even though you may have invested in incredible technology or developed the best system ever, if it doesn’t truly work for the people using it then it’s not working.

Design thinking ensures we place people at the heart of every challenge. Our approach ensures we develop and embed genuinely sustainable solutions that:

  • Intertwine your business values with future planning
  • Avoid crisis when internal or external factors change, and
  • Modify strategies and manage change on the run.

Together, we’ll develop a framework to successfully guide your business through the process of evolution to meet changing demands. 

To see how we can help you develop a truly sustainable business model to future-proof your organisation, contact us today

Change management that’s people-focused

We know that change management is most effective when people are prepared. Fehon Strategy & Design ensures you equip them with the knowledge, expertise and confidence they need to be prepared for change.

Change management that mitigates risk

When change management is highly-focused, big picture clarity can be compromised. We mitigate potential risk to your operating model or culture by seeking to understand the impact of change across your entire business and implementing support strategies where required.

Change management that fosters genuine buy-in

We want people inspired to adopt new behaviours and mindsets that make the change meaningful for them. We work hard to build business-wide engagement and belief, foster buy-in, alleviate uncertainty, and develop the resource capability and confidence critical to successful change.

Let our consultants help you adopt and embed sustainable change

If you’re looking to implement sustainable change – change that drives progress, innovation, and is a force for good – we’re the team for you.

We get to know your culture, vision, and desired outcomes.

We inspire your people to drive change from within.

And we ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure sustained change.

To work with a team that believes in collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building to develop a truly agile business, talk to us today.

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