Change management and implementation for sustainable business.

Because a great strategy not implemented is a waste.

Does your business need help to plan, drive and embed change to achieve real results? Fehon Strategy & Design can help.

Using design thinking principles, we’ll:

  • Develop a framework for effective change management
  • Help you navigate the dynamic conditions between Point A and Point B without losing focus on your people, and
  • Equip you with the knowledge and tools to ensure sustained change.


Uncover and understand your obstacles and user needs


Design and develop client-centric solutions that are truly original


Build and execute business-wide engagement and belief


Enable ongoing adaptation, optimisation, planning and innovation to ensure relevancy

Getting change management right

If you’re investing in any kind of change, you need to get it right.

From establishing the right foundations of your strategy to ensuring lasting outcomes, Fehon Strategy & Design has the expertise required to:

  • Ensure alignment across your organisational structure, processes, systems, culture and other operations to mitigate risk and deliver lasting outcomes
  • Help you navigate the complexities of change management, and
  • Ensure you realise the full benefits of your investment.

Why us for change management?

We don’t just love change – we love change that delivers sustainable outcomes.

This means that you won’t get a team of consultants armed with pre-set solutions. What

you will get is award-winning design thinking specialists that:

  • Understand the entire puzzle and each individual piece including the how, why, where, when and for whom behind how they fit together, and
  • Develop and deliver change management strategies for sustainable business outcomes.

Change management that delivers
value for investment

Our unique combination of design thinking and strategic business expertise means we understand business drivers. Combined with CEO Bernie Fehon’s commitment to business sustainability, we’re also focused on ensuring your change effort positions you for ongoing value.

Change management that’s people-focused

We know that change management is most effective when people are prepared. Fehon Strategy & Design ensures you equip them with the knowledge, expertise and confidence they need to be prepared for change.

Change management that mitigates risk

When change management is highly-focused, big picture clarity can be compromised. We mitigate potential risk to your operating model or culture by seeking to understand the impact of change across your entire business and implementing support strategies where required.

Change management that fosters genuine buy-in

We want people inspired to adopt new behaviours and mindsets that make the change meaningful for them. We work hard to build business-wide engagement and belief, foster buy-in, alleviate uncertainty, and develop the resource capability and confidence critical to successful change.

Let our consultants help you adopt and embed sustainable change

If you’re looking to implement sustainable change – change that drives progress, innovation, and is a force for good – we’re the team for you.

We get to know your culture, vision, and desired outcomes.

We inspire your people to drive change from within.

And we ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure sustained change.

To work with a team that believes in collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building to develop a truly agile business, talk to us today.

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